One of the first of its kind, Vegetronic aims to celebrate vegetables while still making the most of meat and fish. 385 pages, with more than 120 recipes, beautiful photography and design.

Alexis Gauthier lovingly introduces each ingredient, saying what he likes about it, its season, its best partners, how his Provencal grandmother prepared it in her kitchen, and considers its health benefits.

Each recipe is graded according to ease of preparation and execution (most are easy or medium). And, where appropriate, he suggests what to do with early- or late-in-the-season ingredients that may be over- or under-ripe - those unforgivably hard peaches, woody strawberries, and end-of-season broad beans and peas.

Just a little of Alexis's knowledge will change your approach to and enjoyment of vegetables.

Signed Copy of Vegetronic - Alexis Gauthier £20.00

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