100% Verdejo • Single Vineyard • 14%Vol • £13.67 per bottle

Finca Constancia is a wine estate located on the outskirts of Toledo in central Spain. The vineyards are separated into separate plots (parcelas) with an individual selection of grape varieties for each. Parcela 52 is exclusively Verdejo.

The estate is situated in an area with an extremely high wine production, so experiments and niche parcels can be allowed for. To put the scale into perspective, La Mancha’s wine production is so huge, just its DO classified vineyards alone, less than half of the total, cover more ground than all of Australia’s vineyards put together.

This aromatic 100% Verdejo has had us all bewitched with its bright yellow colour and oaked aroma of citrus fruits and dried herbs.

At Gauthier Soho we've been serving it with the Large Leek Grenobloise, Charred Leek, Lightly Smoked Parsley, Capers & Lemon, Grated Sourdough Crust and Mock Truffle Mayo.

Verdejo has recently earned the nickname 'the albariño for 2019' as the latest grape to gain almost cult status amongst London restaurant sommeliers. These underrated varieties are gaining such notoriety for good reason, as punchy, varied wines with personality are more and more in demand at a certain price point, these wines offer a real exciting solution.

The wine has a beautiful bright yellow colour, with aromas of friuits and herbs with oak notes.  Fresh, intense, and smooth on the palate.

Superb value at just £13.67 per bottle. 

David Havlik "A superb 100% Verdejo we've selected for the lunch wines by the glass at Gauthier Soho to help us through spring. Fabulous body and elegance for the price. We expect this to be very popular."


Finca Constancia Parcela 52 Verdejo 2018 £82.00

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