6x Terre di Giumara Grecanico 2015



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Recently, Alexis Gauthier enjoyed a spring break in Sicily, where he spent a few days eating in some fabulous restaurants and rediscovering what the early season produce can offer in southern Europe. He was of course blown away, but this didn't really surprise him. What he wasn't prepared for however, was how the local wines would impress him so much.

One bottle that stood out was a white wine produced by Caruso & Minini, a young duo in Marsala, Western Sicily, forming a solid piece of the recent revival in Sicilian wine.

The intense zesty freshness from the grecanico grape is superb - cutting the deep seafood tang you get with really fresh fish and prawns, and the white fruit and orange blossom giving the wine enough to make it interesting on its own.

Only on return to London did we realise we weren't the first to spot this wine - with Angela Hartnett's superb Cafe Murano, and The Mondrian Hotel already featuring it on their lists.

Perfect for an early summer party.

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