6x Megyer Tokaji Furmint Dry 2013



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It was Louis XV of France who famously described Tokaji wines as 'Wine of Kings, King of Wine', and it's unsurprising then that these Hungarian wines are now one of the most famous dessert wines in the world, featuring on wine lists at the very top of the restaurant world - from The Fat Duck to The Ritz, no list is complete without a drop of that Hungarian magic.

Its dry furmint wines are only recently beginning to attract the same attention. Round, creamy, with a long finish and notes of elderflower and 'bon-bon Anglais', Megyer Tokaj Ferment Dry stands up well to full bodied rich and buttery fish dishes such as Dover Sole with lemon verbena. As well as this, its versatility makes it a fabulous match for aromatic or strongly flavoured vegetable dishes, currently paired with the Alexander buds, warm mustard and tomato dish on the Gauthier Soho vegetable tasting menu.

A deep, sharp and confident wine, but retaining fruitiness and minerality, it will improve very well over time so makes a great purchase for beefing up the cellar with something reliable.

Gauthier Wines can offer you Chateau Megyer Tokaj Furmint Dry for £12.50 per bottle.


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