6x Louis Cheze Syrahvissante 2015



100% Syrah • 13% Vol • Rhône, France • £14.85/bottle

Louis Cheze is one of those producers that needs little introduction. The simple fact is, they make really good wines. Their USP seems to be 'tell it like it is', with bold labelling that suggests exactly this: we know what we're doing, and we don't need to dress it up. 

Almost every wine writer we've heard of rates Louis Cheze as a solid, go-to producer you can rely on, and restaurant sommeliers are no different, making Louis Cheze one of the most popular restaurant wines we know. Who doesn't feel confident going to a party with a bottle of Louis Cheze?

Since 1978, and with just 1 hectare of vineyard, the notoriously publicity-shy Louis Cheze has built his production up to 30 hectares around the Northern Côtes du Rhône, 60km south of Lyon, and encompasses such highly esteemed appellations as Condrieu, Saint Joseph and Vin de Pays. All wines are fermented in barrel with a hand-picked band of expert coopers helping to achieve his signature style of silky texture, lilting perfume, and supple sanguine finishes.

'So Lovely'

Syrahvissante is a 100% Syrah red wine who's name suggests - a word play on the French so lovely. The Rhone Syrah grape is well known for it's balance of fruit and spice, making it in our opinion the go-to grape to balance any food even the least bit spicy, so perfect for anything involving a touch of green chilli. As well as this, we suggest rich,  juicy, peppery meat reductions or deeply flavoured tomato based sauces. Also punchy root vegetables such as heritage carrots and beetroot.

At Gauthier Soho, we're serving Syravissante with the Barbary Duck, Fondant baby Beetroot, Roasted Kentish Carrots and Beetroot Duck Jus.

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