6x Egri Bikavér, Egri Korona Borház, Eger, Hungary 2013



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Eger, at the Eastern end of the Mátra Hills in the northeast of the country is one of Hungary’s most important wine centres and the most famous producer of Bikavér, one of Hungary’s most popular red wines. Egri Bikavér literally translates as “bull’s blood of Eger”.

Bikavér is a specific blend of grape varieties controlled by strict Hungarian winemaking regulations, and is usually centered around the Hungarian grape Kékfrankos - more commonly known as Blaufränkisch.

Egri Bikavér is made of a blend of 60% Kékfrankos,  20% Cabernet Sauvignon and 20% Merlot which gives it a dark ruby colour. Lengthy aging in oak barrels produces a full-bodied red wine with a depth of flavour and a deep, spicy cherry aroma. On the palette are wild cherry and raisin notes and velvety, warm tannins thanks to the Kékfrankos.

This wine is a full bodied red with a fresh and warm tannin finish. A super red meat wine, carrying the richness of venison or aged beef perfectly. 

Featured in last year's Christmas box (yes it's finally back!), this wine has been in high demand ever since.

Spotted at the Fat Duck, The Glasshouse and Medlar (listed at £43 a bottle) Gauthier wines is offering our wine at the exclusive price of £13 a bottle.

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