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The Guinea Grill

Guest Restaurant Wine Series: The Guinea Grill, Mayfair

We're asking the best restaurants we can find to reveal the great value bottles they rely on to support their menus and keep their regular guests happy. Check your emails for more in this series.

70% Merlot 30% Cabernet Sauvignon • Bordeaux Supérieur

£14.85 per bottle 

The Guinea Grill in Mayfair is nothing short of an institution, the famous back room restaurant at The Guinea pub serving award winning steaks and pies to a loyal Mayfair crowd for well over 50 years. The wine cellar is also something of a well-kept secret, spanning almost the full footprint of the building and storing over 3000 bottles. Developed and maintained by long-standing sommelier Sebastiano Ingaliso, it focuses mainly on big old-world French and Italian reds, capable of supporting the fabulous quality meats and game coming through the kitchen.

In short - this restaurant knows as much as anyone we can think of about the simple pairing of red wines with red meats.

Guest restaurant wine

We're delighted to offer something from the more economical end of the list, a superbly priced classic Bordeaux Supérieur which acts almost as a go-to house red. 

Solid and balanced, of dark colour, this wine has a pleasant notes of black fruits and a slightly roasted oak coupled with a great structure. It is dense, rich and full, layered with well-balanced tannins and blackcurrant fruits, it has an opulent, ripe character with a long liquorice finish.  

Although enjoyable young, the winemaker adds that improvements are noticed over 6-7 years, putting the 2012 as a presently ideal purchase.

Limited stock so please order quickly.

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