Malbec • Patagonia Argentina • 13%Vol • £18.34 per bottle

Selected WineBodegas Marcelo Miras is become one of those ‘watched’ winemakers in sommelier circles and its wines are featured on some of the best wine lists in the world.
This superb Argentinian Malbec came as a pleasant surprise and disregards any preconceptions about this popular grape. The almost desert-like terrain of central Patagonia battles with extreme weather variations and its heavily mineral soil helps to produce intense colour, fruity aromas and acidity in the grapes.

Gauthier Soho Head Sommelier says: "An Argentinian Malbec might be an unusual choice for us, but believe me this wine meets every requirement for our daily service, great economy for the depth of flavour, and not jarring with either sweet or salty. "

 (producer notes) "This wine is made from grapes meticulously selected from old vineyards in Patagonia, Argentina. The semi-arid climate of the region, huge extremes in temperature, and stony, sandy soils together create exquisitely balanced grapes."


6x Marcelo Miras 'Mira Jovem' Patagonia Malbec 2018 £112.00

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