50% Syrah and 50% Grenache • Rhône Valley AOC • Red • Dry • £16.17 per bottle

‘Domaine Jean-Louis Chave is unquestionably one of the great wine estates of France’ - The Wine Society

So this is something a little bit special. Domaine Jean-Louis Chave is one of those wine makers which carry a kind of ‘rock star’ status in the wine world, and with good reason. Best known for the legendary Hermitage, generally regarded as the appellation’s greatest wines, which sadly usually end up in rock star cellars, due to their astronomical prices.

The J.L. Chave ‘Selection’ is where the rest of us can more easily enjoy something from the Chave stable. Jean-Louis makes a small quantity of wines to showcase potential appellations, and these highly sought after bottles usually end up quickly seized by sommeliers to woo their regulars with that seductive Chave name.

Sommelier Aurelie Taleri believes in it so much, she has secured this very special wine for the restaurant, and will be pouring as a house wine at Gauthier Soho from February 2018. 

A deliciously ripe Syrah / Grenache blend Côtes du Rhône wine with a wonderful core of dark, berry fruit supported by a framework of ripe tannin with cooling, grantic notes and a sleek, sophisticated texture. - Yapp Brothers

‘This unfurls a pure beam of crushed plum and black cherry fruit, inlaid gently with singed bay leaf, pepper and anise notes. A light smoky edge runs through the finish. Drink now’ - Wine Library



 Gauthier wines 2018

6x Domaine Jean-Louis Chave Cotes du Rhone 'Mon Coeur' 2016 £97.00

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